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On this site you will be able to discover ideas about the proper way to store wine such as appropriate temperature and humidity, various types of wine racks and cabinets that can be used, and what types of wine coolers are suitable.

The popularity of wine is at an all-time high with more and more people collecting wines or keeping an ample supply on hand for use at dinner parties, with friends, or just as an after dinner drink.

And as more people become wine fans and begin collecting a nice variety of vintages to have available for various occasions, the question of proper wine storage becomes a critical one. From the casual enthusiast with just a few bottles to the all-out aficionado with a massive collection, the question is the same: What is the best way to store my wine.

Unfortunately, as with so many other things, the best way is not always the most practical way. The best way would be a carefully regulated environment with precise temperature and humidity controls. For some, the expense of such a wine storage solution is not feasible, nor is it justifiable in many cases.

Small collectors, who only maintain 10 or 12 vintages at any given time, certainly do not have the same storage needs as someone who has a collection numbering in the hundreds, or even thousands, of bottles. Some of the factors to be considered when determining the optimum wine storage solution are the space availability, the amount of wine normally kept on hand, and, of course, the budget.

So, the best solution is one that speaks to the particulars of your individual circumstances. For those who merely wish to maintain a small variety of wines, the best option might be a basic wine rack. Wine racks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Of course, a wine rack doesn’t have to be small. There are some models that will house literally hundreds of bottles of the ole vino.

For moderate size wine collections, you might consider a wine cabinet. These can be found in various sizes as well and can also be dry or refrigerated. And if you happen to be “quite the connoisseur” you may want to consider your very own wine cellar. It may not be as difficult and far-fetched of an idea as you might at first think.

One thing is for sure – with so many things to consider about wine storage solutions it can get a little confusing and frustrating. But not to worry, Wine Storage Buzz will help you sort it all out.

Countertop Wine Racks

When it comes to wine storage solutions, many aficionados are opting for countertop wine racks, particularly when storage space is at a premium. Countertop, or tabletop, wine racks are a wonderful and viable option for storing from one to several bottles of your favorite vintages. They offer an opportunity to have your wine close to …

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BottleWise Duo Wine Carrier

Traveling With Wine

There are many facets to the issue of wine storage. One of these is the question of how to store wine while traveling. When transporting wine, particularly on a plane, you want to take special precautions to ensure your treasure gets to its destination safely. In the United States, air travel is governed by the …

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Professional Wine Storage Facilities – A Few Tips

One of the universal challenges faced by all wine connoisseurs is determining the best storage option for their vintages. The options range from building an in-home wine cellar to utilizing a small or large wine cabinet or simple wine rack. Another possible solution to consider is employing the services of a professional wine storage facility. …

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A Corner Wine Rack May Be Your Wine Storage Solution

If you are a wine lover who is challenged for space to store your treasured vintages, you may want to consider a corner wine rack. They can often provide the perfect wine storage solution for the homeowner seeking to optimize their storage space. A corner wine rack can offer a clutter free answer and supply …

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Is A Wall Mounted Wine Rack The Solution You Need

One of the problems facing some wine enthusiasts is that of not having the room to place a wine cabinet or wine refrigerator for storing their wines. Although these items are available in some very compact sizes, in some cases it still just does not work out. And, of course, a wine cellar is out …

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Wine Cabinets

Wine remains one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide and many people feel that a glass of wine is an essential accompaniment to a good meal. For any wine enthusiast, be it a casual wine drinker or a true aficionado, proper storage of wine should be of paramount importance. Correct storage of wine aids …

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Wine Rack

Wine Racks – A Variety of Styles

For many people, a good meal is not complete without being accompanied by a good wine. If this is the case, then the same must be said of wine racks – a wine collection cannot be complete without a wine rack to show it off. True wine aficionados will undoubtedly have more than just a …

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Building a Small Wine Cellar for Your Home

Wine is a tradition in many countries, being among the most favorite drinks worldwide.  Today, more and more people are becoming wine enthusiasts and collectors.  If you are among those who collect wine and are acquiring a variety of vintages, you will eventually run into the issue of where to store your treasured goods. Proper …

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Types of Wine Chillers

There is a plethora of wine chillers available on the market and narrowing down the makes and models can be mind boggling. But once you are aware of the basic types of wine chillers, selecting a unit will be easy for you. A wine chiller is basically a refrigerator for your wine except for the …

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Choosing the Best Wine Cooler

Buying a wine cooler is a great way of keeping your favorite wine bottles chilled and at the best conditions for fantastic full flavored wine. Wine needs to age and the longer it ages properly the better it tastes. Therefore it is vital that wine is stored properly in order to achieve the best conditions …

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